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My Story

As a dancer for over 40 years, Cynthia Newland has earned an MFA in Dance and Health and Wellness Coach Certifications. Cynthia is passionate about the arts and healthy artists. In her current practice as a Wellness Consultant, Artist, and Educator, Cynthia teaches a variety of classes, workshops, and lectures spanning the introductory to professional levels of dance and engaged embodied holistic movement experiences, as well as applicable information related to health and wellness for individuals and groups. Dancer Wellness Care is the platform by which she shares her passions and knowledge for nurturing and nourishing the body, soul, and spirit. 


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Colorful Fruits

"Cynthia is a valued colleague who shares her wisdom, experience, and intelligence graciously with every she meets. She has a servant's heart and is a living testament to the power of taking care of the body, mind, and spirit. I'm thankful for her example." 


 - Misty Lown CEO

Studio Training Solutions




I provide experience from my fifty-plus year involvement in the field of dance and my career as I have personally worked towards optimal balance. For over thirty years I have included wellness practices in my calling to inspire and mentor others in their art life journey, while continuing to daily implement holistic care in my personal life. I hold a Master of Fine Arts in Dance as well as certifications in Health and Life Coaching, Plant-Based Nutrition and Mental Health First Aid, equipping me to successfully serve in this realm of Dancer Wellness Care.


As a coach and educator, I offer research-based workshops, webinars, and calls to equip and empower individuals, and groups. I focus on the power of foundational health and whole food nutrition as a base for productivity and a healthy lifestyle. I provide
practical solutions rooted in cutting-edge science to achieve optimal dancer wellness.


Dance is an embodied holistic experience including the body, soul, and spirit. I include a well-informed foundational care program and resources that fuel the physical body and brain health as well as nurturing the soul, mind, will, and emotions with nourishment for optimal performance. This includes understanding the nutrients that fuel increased energy and performance, healthy meals and snacks, easy pack-and-go foods, eating for recovery, tips for hydration, rest, and sleep solutions, and approaches for cultivating mindfulness.


Self-care is imperative for longevity. Accountability and support help us move toward success in achieving our goals. As a holistic health consultant, I help people focus on their entirety by integrating wellness encompassing their physical, nutritional,
mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Through a process including self-evaluation, tools and resources, guided conversations, and support, I help create intentional lifestyle
choices bringing balance with sustainable wellness results. 

Attending to the whole person, I speak to dancers, educators, studio owners, company directors, parents, and others in the dance-affiliated field from years of personal experiences to provide a wellness mindset specific to the dancer. Together we explore
other aspects in a dancer’s life to encourage and support healthy changes.

Get Started!

Personalized Wellness Care



Use the Wheel of Abundant Life form to assess the current health of your body, soul, and spirit


Book a conversation with Cynthia to review your personal assessment and determine your specific needs. 

Holistic Dancer Wellness Care Coaching

Individual Sessions – $75/session

  • Individual sessions help you to jump-start your wellness mindset changes through the introduction of practical actionable changes. We assess your current practices and you receive practical information and inspiration to continue on your wellness journey. 

  •  One 50-minute coaching session assessing your current habits and developing wellness goals.

  • Top Tips - One to Two Tips, Tools, and Resources for your wellness goals and journey to start implementing healthy changes. Flexibility for additional sessions for further help or guidance.

Three-month program – $450 

  •  The three-month program allows us to take a deeper look at how nutrition and other wellness practices affect your dancing and in other areas of your life and integrate recommendations to fuel and care for your body. This program offers more time to assess your relationship with food and self-care, new and positive ways to integrate healthy modifications and receive support and accountability through these changes.

  • Two - 50-minute coaching sessions per month, assessing your self-care mindset, relationship to nourishing your body, soul and spirit and receiving care for positive changes as we take a deeper look into your nutrition and lifestyle habits and introduce small alterations for long-term healthy lifestyle habits.

  • Top Tips – For each session, One to Two Tips, Tools and Resources for your wellness goals and journey to start implementing healthy changes.

  • Support - Email connection and accountability between sessions 

Workshops – Starting $200/workshop

       (virtual or in person)


   –A selection of engaging workshops for your dance studio,  school, or community

   – Book a Consultation Session to Dialogue about Options

  • The Pillars of Health - Sleep and Rest, De-Stressing and Mindfulness, Hydration and 

  • Whole Food Plant-based Nutrition

  • Nourishing Optimal Performance

  • Wellness Self-Care Mindset and Stress Management

  • Maintaining Confidence and Healthy Body Image

  • Establishing and Maintaining Wellness Habits and Goals

  • Soul Care – Breath, Reflection, and Meditation

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